The Wrong and Right Way to Market With Instagram 2019

Since Instagram hatched onto the social media scene in 2018, it has flown to the top of the social marketing food chain.  Recently, however, network marketers have been cracking the golden Instagram egg – saying it is a waste of time now that automated chirping of your Posts will get you a one way ticket out of the nest.

Ok, I am done with the puns – for now.

Is Instagram a waste of time for marketing?  Yes – if you are doing it wrong.

The sad truth is that 98% of business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers are using Instagram incorrectly!  They create an Instagram page, start following a bunch of people, pay a service to get them followers, and start chirping away about this deal or that deal, this great item, or a great bargain.  They soon find they are Posting to an empty audience. Their follower list is full of nothing but spam bots or people trying to accomplish the same thing they are – making money on Instagram.

Instagram is not for making money.

Instagram is a social networking tool designed to help you meet and share with new people.  Your goal is to get a flock of Instagram readers to follow you – real people – who share common interests or goals.  Once you have real people following you, you can drop a Post about your website, blog or opportunity. Only if you have a flock of friends will anyone listen.  A flock of bots, MLMers, network marketers or business people will just Post right back with their own sales pitch and Buy Instagram Followers Australia.

How do you get real people to follow you on Instagram?  One very simple rule: Be Yourself.

Not your business, not your opportunity, not your sales pitch.  Be you. Post about yourself, your life, your likes and dislikes.  Find people with common interests but who are not constantly Posting about their own products with no substance in between.

How do you start?  A good place to start is  This lets you search for Instagram users with common interests.   For me, I searched for crafters, moms, wahmers, scrapbookers, candle makers, local gift shops.   Get creative. Once you join a few twibes, start tweeting to those twibes (no, I can’t say that 3 times fast).

Don’t start off with a sales Post or some corney canned quote – contribute a real thought or substance to the group.  Why did you join their twibe? What are you looking for? Do you have something to contribute to your twibe? Don’t just take from your twibe – you have to contribute to it.  Start doing it and you will start gaining real Buy Instagram Followers Australia .

Its slower than buying your Buy Instagram Followers Australia or just randomly following everyone you see and hope they listen to your Post.  It will give you quality over quantity, though, and will build you a solid grounding in the Instagram social media community.

3 Reasons to Use Instagram For Business 2019

1) Make more money

OK, so the main reason why most businesses sign up to Instagram is to identify potential customers and generate sales. Instagram is all about people. Don’t try to use it as a broadcasting medium: to generate business successfully on Instagram you need to build a network of individuals – of ‘Buy really Followers UK ‘ and get to know them.

So, who should you connect with on Instagram? Start with people you know: your customers, suppliers and business network, then add suitable people to your network by running keyword searches through tools such as Post deck and Post search. [Tip: run regular searches through Post or other software to identify people who aren’t following you back, then un-follow them. Instagram is about interaction, not one-way messaging.]

Engage with your Buy Active Followers UK regularly and they’ll start becoming advocates of your brand by messaging you and re-tweeting your posts. Not all of your followers will necessarily become your customers but they’ll do something just as important, which is to advocate your message to their network.

2) Generate PR coverage

Follow editors and journalists in your industry, send them an introductory message and ask them to follow you for breaking news in your industry. Then, when you’ve got a press release available, put it on your website and send the journalist a message with the link. Interacting with journalists is no different to interacting with the rest of your business network, so take an interest in their updates, re-tweet anything that might do them a favour, and engage in dialogue with them where appropriate. (It’s much cheaper than buying them a three-course lunch.)

3) Find out what your customers think

Invite your customers to follow you on Instagram. Follow them back, and ask for their honest feedback about your products, services and brand. Used properly, Instagram can be a great tool for learning what your customers like and don’t like about your organization. Look at negative feedback as a gift: you’ve just been handed free information about what you need to improve.  is also a great way to conduct initial customer research about new product and service ideas. Can you distill the idea into 140 characters? (If not, it’s too complex.) When you’ve articulated the concept, put it out there and see what comes back. Use the feedback to refine the concept and develop a highly targeted product or service.

How to Defeat Instagram and Twitter Writer’s Block 2019

Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter are great places for businesses to stay connected to current customers and to find new ones. However, after the initial novelty of setting up a business page on Instagram or starting a company Twitter account wears off, many businesses abandon their update efforts feeling that simply creating a presence on these sites is enough. Don’t buy into this fallacy, especially when following a few simple tips can get your business socially connecting like never before.

First, avoid the temptation to make every post a sales pitch. Not only will this appear desperate, it may actually have the reverse effect by having what followers a business has gained fleeing the page like it carries a communicable disease. One or two posts linking to the businesses website a week is probably sufficient enough to drive traffic without appearing pushy. Most business owners that have been slow to embrace social media fear public criticism or think their business will appear unprofessional if they allow it to appear too personal on the web, but the businesses that have huge success on Facebook and Twitter are the accounts that act like people, not businesses. Don’t be afraid to discuss things not related to the product for sale. Open up about employee hobbies, fun facts about the city where the business is located, or the type of music the boss listens to. Besides gaining the trust of Buy Followers UK, highlighting the lighter side of corporate culture can help attract top talent to the company as well.

Second, remember the reciprocal rule of social networking, “those who promote others will get promoted.” Tweet about a local charity, and provide a link to the nonprofit’s website, or suggest a blog that always has relevant information for a particular business niche. Take the time to personally thank new followers for adding the business to their network. Twitter is also a great forum to publicly answer a specific person’s question, as in, “Yes, @Matt we do offer a 15% discount to new customers!” The customer will appreciate the direct contact, but in addition, the correspondence will be visible to all of that person’s followers. Facebook recently added the ability to “tag” another Facebook user in a status post, so the personal answer technique should be tried there as well.

Third, Twitter and Facebook are great venues for posting testimonials. A testimonial is even more effective when it doesn’t come from the business itself, so some business owners even offer freebies, discounts on purchases, or free shipping if customers tweet or post testimonials promoting the business. The business should advertise this unique opportunity in a direct message to their Instagram and Twitter followers than perform a search over the next few days to see what testimonials appear. If enough people post about their positive experience, the business will gain Instagram Followers UK and probably start to see referral sales as a result.

Third, use Google Trends and view Twitter’s “Trending” topics to check on the hot searches and topics of the day and, if appropriate, work one into a post. This type of real-time relevance will generate higher interest in the businesses status feed and increase the chance of messages from the business being shared.

By staying personal, relevant, and generous in “real-time” a business can quickly grow their social media reach and create a valuable funnel to generate sales.

Brendan Blowers is the marketing director at Stadri Emblems, a company with over 30yrs of experience and a leader in the custom embroidery industry.