Easy Secret to Get You More Followers 2020

All strategies aside, this is a quick little trick you can do to scoop up some more followers. This is an easy trick to do that requires very little time and effort on your part. The best part about all this is the fact that once you set yourself up, there isn’t much to do except watch your followers grow and Buy Followers Australia.

Follow the Top 100 Profiles

This trick essentially involves following the top 100 Twitter users out there. The logic in this is that hundreds of thousands of people browse over these top 100 Twitter profiles every second of every day. They more often than not follow the followers of these popular top 100 users.

For example, the Twitter user Ashton Kutcher has over 3 million followers at this point and gets thousands of new followers every hour. After you follow him your name and picture is then placed at the top of his follower list and anyone who comes to follow his followers will more than likely follow you. After following the top 100 users I had experienced a 250 follower increase literally over night.

Of course your profile eventually gets lost in the crowd as more people follow them and eventually you will stop getting followers – usually after about 5-7 days. At this time you can simply game the system and re follow the top 100 to repeat the process.

Step 1: Go to Twitter Counter dot Com

Twitter Counter is the first place you want to go to. Once here you will want to click on the “Top 100”. This takes you to the top 100 most popular Twitter users.

Aside from this there are a ton of different uses Twitter Counter can provide. I enjoy tracking my following and checking in on the trends that have developed. There are a lot of different features that make this site a very powerful tool. But right now, all we want to do is find the Top 100 list.

Step 2: Follow the Top 100

Allow Twitter Counter to access your account so you can follow right from the site. Now just go down the list and follow all 100 people. These are mostly celebrities, some politicians and movements but all of them have more than 1,000,000 followers so they are pretty popular.

Remember when you follow these people, you end up on the top of their following list. This way, when someone browses past their followers your profile will appear right on top.

Step 3: Rinse and Repeat

The entire success of this trick relies on the fact that you are going to be very visible at the top of these popular following list. People come through constantly and follow their followers, if you’re on that list you’re going to get a boat load of followers. Eventually you will end up moving down to the second, third, forth page and your followers will come to a halt from this trick. That’s when it’s time to rinse and repeat.

Most of these popular users will not follow you back. Since they won’t establish mutuality this means you can use Huitter to easily un-follow the Top 100 after a few days or so. Simply go to Huitter dot com and un-follow people not following you and re follow the Top 100 to appear on the top of their list again. Repeat this process as many times as your heart desires.

Conclusion: Pros & Cons

Pros: It’s an easy trick to do that takes no time or effort at all to do. It’s worthwhile because of the quick exposure it will get you and the hefty boost to your following it will provide.

Cons: For one thing you have no control over who you follows you. Randoms, people who have no interest in what you’ve got, spam profiles and the works will begin to follow you.

All in all it is a worthwhile trick for anyone looking to quickly and easily boost their following. Especially if you’re new and looking to push your new website, get it some exposure then this is something you might want to look into.

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