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Whether you are an affiliate marketer looking to make more sales, or looking to squeeze more earnings out of AdSense or whatever advertising network you are participating in, TRAFFIC is a very important factor. You want to gain highly targeted traffic, not just mass, low quality traffic. Highly targeted traffic increases your conversion rates, be it in terms of sales or ad CTRs.

In the past week I used a technique to quickly gain 600+ follows within a week (a new account), and I was doing almost nothing. However, I will not reveal my account name in case the Twitter police gets on to me. I have seen several ‘get massive Twitter follower’ guides around and whenever these people post their profile name for people to see as ‘proof’, their accounts gets suspend most of the time. Their pages say something like ‘This account has been suspended due to suspicious activity’. Anyway, here’s how I build my Buy Twitter Followers UK list doing almost nothing.

The two tools I use to gain targeted Twitter followers are Hummingbird 2 and Manage Twitter. Hummingbird is a Twitter automated follow/unfollow tool that runs on your PC or Mac. Manage Twitter is a web-based tool that allows you to mass unfollow people who do not follow you back.

Role of Hummingbird 2

It automatically follows anyone who makes a recent tweet that contains any keyword of your choice. For example, say you have a website about losing weight and you want to attract visitors to it. You could set up a Twitter profile that has a link to your website and tweets about your weight loss articles / affiliate products. The more followers you have – the more chance of sales. Hummingbird 2 has a built -in ‘Follow Engine’. You can set this engine up to automatically follow anyone who tweets a keyword you set. For example, if your keyword is ‘lose weight’, you will automatically follow anyone who tweets something like ‘I need to lose weight’. You can add multiple keywords like ‘slim down’ etc. Be creative in your keywords and think of long tails. For example keywords like ‘im getting fat’ or ‘go on diet’ or ‘need exercise’ could work too. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and imagine what they would tweet if they want to lose weight. Something like ‘i need to slim down’ or ‘i need exercise’ are good guesses.

A percentage of people whom you follow will reciprocate and follow you back. For new accounts this is about 10% of people you follow. People make this decision based on a number of factors. People will look at your tweets, the number of followers you currently have, your profile background, and whether or not they like your face. For me, for every 100 I follow, about 10 – 15 people follow back. Depending on your keywords, Hummingbird follows about 1 person a minute. If you keyword is very broad, this rate might be increased.

Role of Manage Twitter

You can’t just keep following more and more people with Hummingbird. Twitter has a limit on your following list. This ratio changes all the time so I can’t tell you for sure what these limits are. You can do a quick Google for the ‘latest’ limits but they will probably be out of date soon. Twitter is always updating these limits to combat spammers. Anyway, when you follow too many people too quickly without getting enough people following you, you will be unable to follow anyone again until you unfollow someone. When this happens, you cannot carry on with the system of having 10 – 15% of people you follow, follow you back, since you can’t follow anymore people.

Although Hummingbird 2 is supposed to automatically unfollow people who do not unfollow you, it only does this only when your ratio limit is reached. This means, by the time Hummingbird starts unfollowing people automatically, your following/follower ratio is probably ridiculously high. You probably would not want to wait till then, because firstly, your profile looks stupid with tons of ‘following’ and too little followers. Many people see such profiles as spammers and this will greatly reduce your future ‘follower reciprocation’ rate. Therefore, you should regularly unfollow people who do not follow you back. Manage Twitter allows you to mass unfollow people who do not return this favour. Note that Manage Twitter displays the most recent people you follow (who do not follow you back) first. You need to click back to the last page and unfollow people on this page as they are the ones you followed at an earlier stage.

Always wait at least 3 days before unfollowing people. Not all people login to Twitter everyday. Some might be away for the weekend, or login once every few days. No point unfollowing someone after 12 hrs if they do not follow you. Maybe they have not noticed you yet. So, login to Manage Twitter every 3 days, and unfollow everyone who does not follow you.

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1. When using Hummingbird 2, note the keywords you are using. Remember – that person whom you just auto-followed with the keywords ‘lose weight’ might be someone who tweeted ‘use my product if you want to lose weight now’, instead of ‘i need to lose weight’. Keep this in mind and use good keywords or else you will end up with lots of junk following/followers.

2. Do not mass unfollow too many people at one shot. Hence, login to Manage Twitter regularly (once every 3 days at least) and unfollow not more than 200 at one shot. If you leave Hummingbird running for many days on end and forget to unfollow, you would end up with too many people to unfollow. If at this point you decide to simply unfollow hundreds and hundreds of people, Twitter may see this as an ‘aggressive follower churn’ and suspend your account!

3. Make some useful tips that are of value to a potential follower based on they keywords you are targeting. If you have nothing of value to offer, there is no point reciprocating your follow. Use logic! If you have a blog, perhaps you can use WP to Twitter to automatically tweet your posts. Twitterfeed is also a good tool to automatically tweet from RSS feeds. For More Information Please Visit

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