How Not to Keep Losing Instagram Followers 2020

1. Follow people with complete profiles. Check your followers’ page and see if their profile is filled up. If your followers have mostly incomplete profiles, that means that those accounts were just setup to spam or maybe to get some clicks or to represent something dubious. Instagram has gotten a little bit struck with accounts that are not complete and periodically deletes those accounts. And if they are found to be spamming all over Instagram , they would definitely be banned from the community, hence you also lose a follower and Buy Instagram Followers UK.

There is an easy and simple way to check if you have followers that have incomplete accounts. Go check the people you are following at the right column, you will see the images for each user account your are following. Most probably, those with default image have incomplete account details. This is the easiest to spot. You wouldn’t care to upload an image if you are not serious about your account, would you?

2. Your Posts are too short and offer little to no value to your followers. Instagram is a network just like any other network. Although, it was designed for people to send short messages across the web, it has now increased its content monitoring and has really tightened its security features after major attacks 2 months ago. So, to avoid and arrest spammers, they placed value on tweets that brings thoughts and relevance. In a natural world, you can’t put enough thought on a single word all the time. You need to have words construct into a sentence or sentences. Therefore, construct your tweets in such a way as to convey thought, variance, and relevance.

This is also true with real people and followers, when one’s Posts are too short and does not carry anything worthwhile to read, no one is going to notice that Post. And probably people will lose interest on your Posts, and they will un-follow you. What is the use of following if your thoughts are not enhanced?

Consider these comments when someone follows me “Thanks for the follow; I look forward to your great Posts!” This is from one of my followers. It says a lot to me about tweeting something relevant to their kind of persuasion, whether it is personal, social, or professional. People want something of relevance. So tweet with the purpose of sharing thoughts and ideas. Write your tweets in a sentence format. You have 140 characters to exhaust.

3. Engage Your Followers. Once again, twitter is a network community, and damn good one. But at the same time interaction between users are limited to just their tweets. But the idea still stands that; this service was built on the premise of community, for people to communicate across the internet. For people to have a way to send short messages to one another on a single platform. Engage your followers in such a way as to let them know they exist! Reply to every private messages you receive. Message them if you are not getting one. Tell them how much you appreciate that they follow you. Ask them about what they are doing and plan of doing. Encourage them to tweet what’s on their mind.

4. And lastly, Maybe because your followers are spammers. If you are consistently losing followers, it’s a clear damn signal that you have many followers who are considered by twitter as spammers. You probably got them when you sign up with those quick followers websites. They usually have a lot of spammers on them.

If you follow these simple rules, I will guarantee you; you will not be losing followers again, but instead gain more and more following. You will have a following that is robust. And you will gain reputation and build trust among your peers.

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