Social Networking – Twitter – Stuck on Following 2020 People

Twitter is the big name in social networking and millions of people are on it, every day, sending tweets (the name for a Twitter post) about anything and everything to people who follow them.

New Twitterers get excited and follow large numbers of people either manually or by using an auto-follow system and suddenly find that they are following 2020 people and get the message that they can’t follow any more and have no idea why.

Twitter doesn’t explain this phenomenon particularly well, except to say they have caps, set on rules they’re not going to explain in detail. However, what happens is that Twitter, being a social network, likes more people to follow than to do the following.

Let me explain. You’ve been following tons of people and you get to that magic 2020 people you are following and suddenly you’re prevented from following more. If you look at the number of people who are following you, it’s sure to be less than 2001. Twitter wants it to be greater than 2020.

How can you get past the stuck on 2020 people problem?

It’s easy.

You can wait for the number of followers to increase, which may or may not work. Or, the easiest option is to decrease the number of people you are following. Too many of these people are one way followers. You follow them and they don’t follow back. There are a number of ways to change that.

There are a few great tools on the Internet that work with Twitter that can help you sort out who follows you that you don’t follow back and who you follow who don’t follow you back.

FriendOrFollow ( one site that can help you by listing all the people you are following by a variety of different methods. You can choose to un-follow any of the people on the list it provides you, but you’ll have to do it manually, via Twitter. If you have hundreds of people you follow, that could take a lot of time.

UnTweeps ( is another site that is very helpful, letting you choose how many days its been since people have last posted and then you can delete the list. You can also whitelist anyone you want to keep following. The drawback is that you can only do this a couple of times a month with the free setting of the program, or choose to pay.

Twitter Karma ( is a third program in the same vein. It shows you followers and people you follow in a variety of reports. You can choose who you want to follow or un-follow in bulk, by selecting a checkbox next to each name. This is by far the easiest free program for larger accounts. However, it’s drawback is that it can be very slow getting results for bigger accounts.

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You don’t need to stay stuck with only being able to follow 2001 people on Twitter. Delete the inactive people you follow and keep the number below the number of people following you and your account can continue to grow exponentially.

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