Best People to Follow on Instagram 2020

Who Are The Best People to Follow on Instagram 2020?

Interesting question, isn’t it? How would you go about answering that? Is there a “must follow” group of people for everyone? I don’t think so, I believe that there isn’t a “one suit all” answer to that question.

Choosing who to follow on Instagram is actually a tough job. Much more tougher than it seems at first glance. You can’t follow just anyone anymore since Instagram has become sort of a SPAM machine lately.

Whoever you choose to follow on Instagram has to at least fit a basic criteria of “NOT A SPAMMER”, right? So, there you go, rule #1: Do Not Follow Spammers. How do you know if the person is a spammer? Just check out his “Post List” and see what kind “140 character shootout” he participates in.

What if Someone Follows You, Should You Follow Him Back?

Again, it depends. It depends on whoever this person is and why he chose to follow you on Instagram in the first place. If you don’t have a massive following on Instagram yet, than you will have no problem sending him a message and asking, but if you do – just install a desktop client to help sort this mess up.

Personally I used to follow people on Instagram so they follow me back. I called it “The Instagram Effect” and I used it to grow my following by 1034 followers in 7 days time.

I achieved a major following, but there was a downside to this: I had no clue who those people were and frankly, I didn’t care either. It resulted in me manually unfollowing a bunch of people (about 700-900) in order to clean up all the useless SPAMers and Promoters who were using Instagram the wrong way.

Since then I have been growing my Instagram following by using the Law of Attraction and the power of Relationships. People choose to follow me because I give value which brings me to the next criteria.

Follow Those Who Give Value

Instagram is a great tool for giving value (and acquiring it). People are finally catching up with the point of Instagram. It is a great tool to share a blog post, news, videos, jokes, quotes and a bunch of other VALUABLE stuff with your Buy Instagram Followers UK.

Instagram wasn’t created for marketing, promotion or boosting sales. Instagram was created for increasing the viral power of Web 2.0. Instagram was designed to easily share and give value to your followers. I love Instagram and truly appreciate it’s viral power, but I NEVER allow myself to abuse it.

Instagram can be an awesometastic tool for sharing and interacting, but many just don’t get it and try to leverage it for all the wrong reasons.

Bottom Line: Follow The Value

The bottom line is this: follow only those who give value. Follow those who genuinely enjoy Posting and don’t abuse it. Follow those who can make your life better in some way. It can be by Posting a joke so you can laugh as well as those who will provide a motivational quote to help you keep going when times are tough. Follow those who GIVE, but don’t forget to GIVE BACK!

Igor Kheifets

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