Three Ways to Get Me to Follow You Back on Instagarm – And Four Ways to Guarantee That I Will Not 2020

With the explosive growth of Instagram throughout the world, more and more people are becoming curious as to exactly how to use the service.  The first few times I checked it out myself, I thought the same thing that countless others were thinking, “I just don’t get it.”  This explains why 60% of Instagram users quit after the first month.    After using it extensively since January, I have quickly learned many benefits to using the service.

One of the questions that new users have is how do I get the right people to follow me back.  Let’s face it, Instagram is not about the number of Buy Instagram Followers UK you have, but about the quality and the power of the followers that you do have.  If you are a small business owner selling and installing window blinds, you are unlikely to get many customers if the majority of your followers are scattered around the planet.

Obviously, I can’t speak for all users, but I can give you a few insights as to why I follow people back, and some reasons why I refuse to follow others.

Ways to Get Me to Follow You Back

1.  Local.  The closer you are to me geographically – the better.  I almost always follow back people that are local to the Charlotte, NC area.  (Of course, this is subject to the “Do Not Follow” rules below.)

2.  Be Interesting.  If you are in the Accounting or Tax field, chances are that I will follow you back.  I will also follow you back if you discuss other topics that are of interest to me.  What are these topics?  Well, you will just have to find that out on your own. Instagram is a great source for industry news. Whatever your industry, find and engage quality people within your field.

3.  Do I Know You?  If so, I will follow you back.  If for some reason, I don’t follow you, just message me and I will. 

Ways to Guarantee That You Do NOT Get Followed By Me

1.  If all of your post relate to methods for me to “Make More Money!” or some other get rich quick scheme, forget a follow back. In fact, if very many of your post at all are related to this, you will not be followed back.

2.  Automatic Direct Message thanking me for following you.  I hate these.  This is not supposed to be an automated system, and I find this very impersonal.  Many users immediately go in an unfollow anyone that sends an auto-reply thank you. 

3.  If you are a business, and all of your posts are about specials you are running or deals that are available, do not count on a follow back.  If I wanted to view your ads, I would look at your website or a sale paper.  I don’t mind an occasional self promotional Post, but these should not be your only Post.  I don’t know what some of these big brands are thinking.  This also applies to Real Estate Agents whose only Posts are listings of properties that they have for sale!  Notice that I said “only” Posts.  It is OK to Post your blog posts or your real estate listings, but those should be a small percentage of your total Posts.  Also of note here is that if all of your Posts are promotional, I would be willing to bet that you are not reading the Posts of anyone that you follow.  If you are not reading any of the Posts of the people you are following, why should those same people bother reading yours?  Again, it is about being interesting and adding value.

4.  If you are following 2,000 people, only 150 of them are following you back, and you only have a small handful of Posts, my bet is that you are a spammer.  If I am wrong, message me personally, and I will follow you back.  I don’t like to have to follow this one, but I have little choice.  I think it hurts legitimate new Posts that don’t really know how to use Instagram yet and may have done this by mistake.  On the other hand, I think the overwhelming percentage of the people who meet this “profile” are indeed spammers.  To avoid falling into this trap, don’t just go follow a ton of people in hopes that they will follow you back. Build your list slowly by following quality people instead of a large quantity of people.  If you are adding value, your followers will grow over time and Buy Followers UK.

Chad Bordeaux is a Certified Public Accountant residing in Lake Wylie, SC – just outside of Charlotte, NC. He is an avid user of Instagram as well as other social media in the development of both business and personal relationships. His firm, Bordeaux & Bordeaux, CPA’s, PA, works closely with small business owners to help them grow their businesses by providing proactive advice and guidance on an ongoing basis. Chad is also a primary contributor to the Beancounter Ramblings Blog that focuses on issues for small business.

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